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When I haven't been working or traveling, I've been reading a lot about design and color. And the other day I came across this gem:

Don't think in color
Think in black and white
Feel in color.

It's so hard to do, it's hard because of what color evokes in each of us. The intense emotions it's able to bring out when we see something. Which seemed to make me want to challenge myself more. As I thought about it, I realized wouldn't thinking this way evoke more emotion in my designs if color was the last thought as opposed to the first?

The challenge is almost to put a black and white filter over your brain as you begin to design. As you get the structure, the balance, the type to what you want it to be then you bring the color. And I don't mean let the color rain down, but add the color in the places where you want to bring out certain thoughts and aspects. 

So I have been trying to do this not only in design but in everyday things that I see or experience. It makes you notice color so much more, and it's ability to help you see things differently. I took to designing something that could be a reminder at my desk to try and keep this practice going, and maybe you will too.


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